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What happens in a personal vibrational healing session?

sonic relaxation sound healing

What happens in a private sound healing?

I get this question often: Sooooo, what exactly is a private sound healing? Whoever is asking it typically has quite the perplexed look on their face. It makes me smile. Because I get it, in part because each experience is so different.

But there is some research and theories to help explain what happens in vibrational therapies. There's a long version and a short version ... here's a version that's somewhere in the middle. This will mainly focus on the more logistical, tangible, scientifically explainable aspects of sound healing and will follow my own sessions, but the general principles apply also to our online sound healings and sound healings in general. 


I always begin my sessions with a check-in. To me, it's essential to understand what it is you are feeling and experiencing as well as any intentions you are bringing into the session. And this is something for you to consider as well if you. Jonathan Goldman, a pioneer in sound healing, emphasizes the power of intention to help direct the vibrations. During his research, he discovered that two different sound healers can use two different techniques, frequencies, and instruments, but if they have the same intention the outcome tends to be the same. This is also known as the Placebo Effect, and it has its role here in sound healing through the intention. This initial discussion in many ways creates the energetic container for our vibrational work. Having an intention that is agreed upon by both of us makes it even more powerful. So we begin by connecting, chatting, and creating an intentional container.


I like to call my sessions Sonic Relaxation because overall, sound healing is about helping you relax. Just listening to the instruments will help your brain shift from Beta into Alpha states and help your Parasympathetic System to come online. I actually begin with you laying on your belly with the bowls placed along your spine and at your crown. I begin by gently playing them to create not only a harmonic space around you, but within you as well. I like to think I am slowly waking up your vibrational fields, dredging up low vibes to be entrained. The deeper you relax the more your body can focus on healing, recalibrating, digesting, absorbing, and more. Our bodies know how to heal.  Our job is to provide the environment for your body to do do that through relaxing and letting our bodies know they are safe and sound ( ;) see what I did there?). Relaxing is our bodies way of knowing it's okay to let down our fight/flight guard, to be a bit vulnerable, and to focus on healing.

Cellular Vibrations

As Einstein says, everything is energy and energy is a vibration. And vibrations contain information. We are made up of a variety of vibrations. Each of our cells vibrates at the frequency of its function; it's how it communicates with its like-minded cells. Goldman's analogy is that our bodies are a symphony and each muscle, bone, and organ is a different section and each cell is a player in that section. That sections "music" is its Resonant Frequency. So, for example, all liver cells have a specific frequency at which they are vibrating. (This is true for our emotions as well, but that's a different conversation). However, if one player/cell loses his place that slowly ripples to affect the players/cells around him, then the entire section/organ, and then ripples throughout the symphony/body. This is considered to be dis-ease. 

An aspect of sound healing is to provide those out of tune cells with something to tune to and to match. This happens while just listening to the instruments; however, I use Tibetan Metal Bowls on your body as a way to provide stronger frequencies for your body to tune to. Through entrainment, the patterns of the bowls influence the pattern of your cells to help them come back to a state of harmony. In many ways this increases the communication that is happening within your cellular network, and the bowls are providing frequencies to help cells shift into a harmonic state.

I also like to think that the bowls placed on your body help wake up your vibrational fields and gives your nervous system a recharge. This in turn shifts your energetic bodies helping to increase flow within your chakras, breaking up blockages and moving stagnant energies. But again, that's a different conversation.


Central Nervous System Stimulation

You're probably saying to yourself, isn't all of this stimulating my Central Nervous System by helping turn my Sympathetic System down and my ParaSympathetic System up? Why yes, yes it is. However, I like to go another layer deeper through the application of tuning forks onto meridian points. Think acupuncture but with vibrations: Sonopuncture or Acutonics. Based on the discussion and intentions set, I use forks to activate certain physiological processes within you helping to shift your chemical state, activate processes, and just overall enhance the functioning of your systems. An example of this would be helping your body slow the production of Cortisol or Adrenaline and instead produce feel-good hormones like Oxytocin and Nitric Oxide. Additionally, different emotions are associated with different organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so if we are working anger issues, then I'll be working along your liver meridian lines. If we discussed diving into your power and really strengthening your will, we'll work in the Manipura chakra. There are endless possibilities and it's an incredibly intuitive process, again, in many ways based on our initial discussion. 

I also use this technique to activate your Vagus Nerve, the longest nerve in your body and connects your brain to many of your visceral organs and influences your breathing, digestive function and heart rate (which is really powerful!). It helps bring the parasympathetic system online and influences inflammation, immune system, metabolism and emotional regulation. Vagal Tone refers to how quickly you can calm down after being stressed out. For some of us, it takes a really long time to let go of stress, especially when they are from heightened situations. This is why I love tuning your Vagus Nerve to try to help increase your Vagal Tone aka ability to calm down. The Vagus Nerve is crazy powerful and a doorway into your overall wellbeing.


Biofield: As within; so without.

Our bodies create fields of energy that extend beyond our skin. I'm sure you've heard of aura's, maybe about the electromagnetic field produced by your heart, and perhaps even your biofield. There are a variety of theories about our energy fields ... but there is an overwhelming agreement that one exists all around us...and it's full of vibrations!

Eileen Day McKusick discusses this in depth based on her decades of research. She discusses how tuning forks help to reveal the locations of dissonance in our energy fields and that thru entrainment we can bring those vibrations back into harmony. She suggests, based on her research, that that certain locations in our biofield carry certain kinds of energy. Think about the chakras, the first chakra has the energy of grounding. Similarly, she suggests that a similar body map exists in the biofield. For example, dissonance found around the left side of the head may indicate worrying about the future. In sessions, I use bowls and forks to influence your Biofield. This is guided by a combination of intuition and our discussion and intentions from the beginning of the session.

The Other Side

At some point you do turn over onto your back and everything is repeated along the front lines of your body. For women who come in for womb work, we may spend more time laying on your back so we can sing to your womb and help create ease, flow, and connection.



When the session feels complete we take some time to just vibrate and to feel into all of the shifts and changes that were created in your body through the vibrational healing session. Silence can also be powerful as well, and deserves its own time in the session. We then ground you back into your skin and into ordinary consciousness.


Final Thought ...

My Beloved and I have been offering sound healings for over 5 years and one of the things we always like to close with is this: the experience is the dose and you will experience the effects of the dose for hours, days, weeks following the session. Think about it in terms of a continuous echo of the session repeating itself in you until it final fades out. This is one reason why directly following a session you may feel extra emotional, toxins may have been released so you may feel slightly unwell as they are processed, you may sleep absolutely wonderful, and other experiences may come up following a session. It's important to stay hydrated and to be aware of the energy around you directly following a session.


Monthly sessions are recommended to give you space and time to fully receive the dose.



This is just scratching the surface of sound healing and there is nothing like actually experiencing it. I hope you'll schedule an appointment so you can feel the vibrations.

















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