Re:Vitalize Ritual Studio

Yogic Self Nourishment

Re:Vitalize is an online wellness hOMe studio for asana, meditation, and breathwork practices on demand and live streaming. Discover how to integrate earth medicines and ritual into these ancient practices . Re:Vitalize weaves together intention, breath, meditation, and movement to ground you in your body, give strength and energy to your wellbeing, and cultivate empowerment.


Activate your somatic experience.

Nourish with intentional and intuitive movement. A blend of flow and slow practices with an array of supportive choices. Enter new depths of relaxation in your earth temple.



Shift how you perceive.

Use high frequency chants and mudras to activate your brain, shift your inner chemistry, and raise your mood. Break habits and patterns and establish sovereignty. 



Recalibrate and revitalize.

Activating, psychedelic, soothing, and balancing practices. An intentional reset and cellular rejuvenation in minutes. Increase your capacity to take control of your life. 


Earth Medicine

Elevate your experience.

Create sacred ritual and integrate the five elements, herbs, oils, ganja, mushrooms, and/or crystals, into your practice. Prepare for and integrate plant medicine experiences.


Re:Vitalize is an invitation to come as you are, when you can, and wake up and activate your energy bodies to discover your best and healthiest self.

Access a library of vinyasa, yin, breathwork, and meditation practices and enjoy four weekly/16 monthly live classes. Learn how to integrate earth medicines intentionally into your practice. Increase your capacity to handle the ups and downs of life with more joy, grace and ease.

All designed to fit your lifestyle.

What you get inside Re:Vitalize hOMe Studio

A home yoga practice has the power to transform your life, offering a deeper connection to yourself, and equipping you with the confidence to navigate your unique journey.

On Demand Classes

Practice on your own time with a library of pre-recorded power practices, breathwork, mudras, mantras, and over 200 class replays, . Hold yourself accountable, develop and trust your intuition, choose what you need, practice where you want, and tap into a high vibrational lifestyle.

World Wide Tribe

Meet with like-minded souls in the Sacred Grove community space.  Engage in challenges, pull tarot/oracle cards, give/receive reflections, thoughts, share your experiences, get your questions answered, be witnessed, feel supported, and share anything else that bubbles up.

Live Classes

4 weekly live uniquely designed classes from 30-90-minutes long and 2 Monthly Moon Mysteries ceremonies and element rituals. A blend of asana, pranayama, energy work, meditation bioenergetics, mindset work, and ceremony to help you cultivate a well-rounded practice.

Power Practices

Kundalini-inspired practices designed to penetrate the koshas, magnetize your energy, raise your vibrations, and increase your life force in 20-minutes.

Power Practices for:

Shadow Work | Confidence | Focus and Energy | Heartwork | Emotional Support | Curiosity Development | Sovereignty | Gratitude | Living on Purpose | Magical Living | Building Tenacity | Cultivating Calm

Re:Vitalize today!

Start your yogic journey into self-discovery. Commit to a month to get to know me and my teaching style or allow yourself the time to slowly create a sustainable home practice and choose the 3 month option. 

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