Sacred Yoga & Sound

Personal practices and vibrational support to empower you and raise your vibrations.

I believe in our innate ability to not only heal ourselves, but to transform our lives. My passion is in holding safe and nurturing space for others to tap into their own wisdom and empower them through yoga, vibrational work, and daily practices. 

Sonic Relaxation

Stress symptoms show up when we are unbalanced. These sessions uses the vibrations of a combination of sound therapy techniques to help you relax & realign.

Personalized Sound Healing

Sadhana Sustenance

Develop a more intimate relationship with yourself with a daily practice curated according to your needs and lifestyle.

Begin a daily practice

Sonic Womb Waves

Connect with the innate power and wisdom with your womb. These sessions use vibrational therapy to invite grace and ease into your Moon cycle.

Sacred Feminine Support


A living, online hub of high-vibrational practices.

Raise your frequency with a daily practice. Practice from your living room, hotel room, tent on top of a mountain, in your office, boat on a lake, a beach near an ocean, or wherever you are. Make it a morning, a lunchtime, a between meetings, or an evening practice. 

High Vibes

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Online Sacred Yoga & Sound classes

Weaving together movement and sound, we journey through the various layers of our being to the source vibration. We begin with an amplified meditation and end with a sound healing Savasana.

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Jun 22, 2021

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Mar 13, 2021

Melanie G.

“I have been addicted to Megan’s classes for a few years! Her style connects your mind, body, and spirit. She knows how to push you past your limits and personalize the practice. Megan guides you through deep intense postures that test your boundaries and build your strength and confidence. She pays attention to your specific needs, bettering your form. Through her classes, I fell in love with my yoga practice.”

Leticia C.

“Megan’s ‘Glowga’ events enabled my tight and clumsy appendages the opportunity to feel beautifully connected to my mind. As darkness consumed my typical self-consciousness, I was gifted several experiences whereby my mind was intertwined with the class’s focus, Megan’s voice, and sounds of the gongs, giving me a heightened aspiration for my regular practice.”

Sabrina A.

“Megan’s candlelight yoga class is a breath of fresh air every time! After more than a year of attending, I always feel more relaxed, balanced, centered, and at peace compared to how I walked in at the beginning of class. I have taken several different yoga classes from many teachers. I don’t always connect with every teacher because everyone has different principles and ways of teaching. But, Megan is a teacher who really stands out from the pack for me and she is someone I really feel connected to in terms of themes, teachings, perspectives, and physical aspects of yoga. Megan loves yoga and it really shows. She is a unique and talented instructor who intuitively knows what everyone needs in their yoga practice. She spontaneously and effortlessly creates a fun flow that is just what I need every time. I highly recommend everyone to take her class! Megan is the best! Thanks for everything you have done for me, Megan! Namaste.”

Jena-Lee W.

“Tonight I went to your Vinyasa class. I just thought I’d let you know how excited I was to see you teaching at this studio! You were my favorite instructor at the studio I previously went to and tonight was the best of both worlds!”