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Taking time to tune in.

I believe in the power of taking time each day for ourselves. It doesn't have to be a lot of time, but something is better than nothing.


Living a fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle can lead to addictions, breakdowns, burnouts, and dis-ease if left out of balance. We can become disconnected ... going through the motions without fully experiencing life. 


The more we pause to check-in with ourselves, the more self-aware we are and the more powerful we are at processing stress and emotions and creating our reality. As within; so without. 


My passion is in holding safe and nurturing space to empower others in unlocking their own potential and wisdom through yoga, earth-based ritual, vibrational work, and daily practices. 


Intimate expressions of ourselves.


A doorway into our internal communication network.


Creating new frequencies and patterns of reality.


Connecting w/ something bigger than ourselves.

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Awake & Activate

You are worthy of living a life you love.  


We all know how important it is to make time for self-care and to regularly be alone with ourselves to check-in on deep soul levels. You've probably heard the adage, You can't pour from an empty cup. But it's so easy to neglect a full self-refill when life is so busy, your to-do list way too long, deadlines are approaching, you're exhausted, and other people are expecting things from you. Having a home practice can make a world of difference in being able to take time for yourself daily. Most of these practices are less than 20-minutes ... so when you only have 30-minutes and you really need to take a moment, there's a practice there waiting for you.

Now, more than ever, self-care is essential. AND! You are worthy of placing some boundaries up so that you can take care of you

Awake & Activate is a sanctuary for us to do our inner work. A place for deeper self-inquiry through the lens of yogic practices, earth-based rituals, and science. It provides a safe container to explore how you live day-to-day and provides holistic practices to help you cultivate alignment and harmony in your life. It's a living virtual library of practices, philosophy, and research to help you develop a deeper inquiry within yourself as you work through outdated stories, limiting beliefs, and explore different energies each month. Align with lunar cycles, connect with cosmic energies, raise your vibrations, and create a life you love. Additionally, practice with a community 2 weekly classes, 2 ceremonies, and 1 additional gathering (Equinox, Solstice, Tarot Gatherings).


It's time for you to wake up to your own truth and activate your power to live fully.

I'm ready to Awake & Activate.

28 Days to Purposeful Living

Are you ready for radical transformation? Are you ready to release fear, and become the driver of your own destiny? Are you ready to find wellness in the body you have?

Start a 28 day yoga challenge.

Learn Breathwork

Whether it's 5-minutes a day, 20-minutes, or more, finding time is for ourselves is important. This course will guide you in creating ritual, teach you 5 different practices you can use at anytime for the rest of your life, and will help you integrate the practices into your daily life. Take time to reduce your stress, recalibrate your system, and take a few moments to sit with yourself.

Learn the science of breathing.

Take a quick break

If you have been working at a desk, especially in less-than-ergonomic home office environments, you may have started to experience discomfort and even injuries from repetitive stress. 

This package includes a variety of videos where I’ll be teaching you sequences that you can practice in between meetings, or at the beginning and/or end of your workday. 

A yoga practice I don't have to change for?!

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Meet Megan

Melanie G.

“I have been addicted to Megan’s classes for a few years! Her style connects your mind, body, and spirit. She knows how to push you past your limits and personalize the practice. Megan guides you through deep intense postures that test your boundaries and build your strength and confidence. She pays attention to your specific needs, bettering your form. Through her classes, I fell in love with my yoga practice.”

Leticia C.

“Megan’s ‘Glowga’ events enabled my tight and clumsy appendages the opportunity to feel beautifully connected to my mind. As darkness consumed my typical self-consciousness, I was gifted several experiences whereby my mind was intertwined with the class’s focus, Megan’s voice, and sounds of the gongs, giving me a heightened aspiration for my regular practice.”

Sabrina A.

“Megan’s candlelight yoga class is a breath of fresh air every time! After more than a year of attending, I always feel more relaxed, balanced, centered, and at peace compared to how I walked in at the beginning of class. I have taken several different yoga classes from many teachers. I don’t always connect with every teacher because everyone has different principles and ways of teaching. But, Megan is a teacher who really stands out from the pack for me and she is someone I really feel connected to in terms of themes, teachings, perspectives, and physical aspects of yoga. Megan loves yoga and it really shows. She is a unique and talented instructor who intuitively knows what everyone needs in their yoga practice. She spontaneously and effortlessly creates a fun flow that is just what I need every time. I highly recommend everyone to take her class! Megan is the best! Thanks for everything you have done for me, Megan! Namaste.”

Jena-Lee W.

“Tonight I went to your Vinyasa class. I just thought I’d let you know how excited I was to see you teaching at this studio! You were my favorite instructor at the studio I previously went to and tonight was the best of both worlds!”

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