Yoga & Sound classes

From my home to yours, let's practice together.

Move your body.

When our bodies can relax and be at ease, our minds can explore other aspects of our consciousness. Asana moves and stretches are bodies to prepare us for subtler work.

Feel the vibrations.

Release the body and allow the mind to ride the sound waves. Meditate, relax, journey...enter a space of expanded consciousness with a sound bath.

Class Schedule

All classes are hosted on Zoom.


Earth Medicine Yoga
Sunday's | 90-minutes
9:30am PT |10:30am MT | 11:30am CT | 12:30pm ET

Work Flow Yoga
Thursday's | 30-minutes
11am PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm PT

Community Sadhana
Every other Tuesday | 30-45-minutes
9:30am PT |10:30am MT | 11:30am CT | 12:30pm ET

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Opening Meditation

It's important to give ourselves time to fully arrive. We begin with a guided meditation to gather our energy and set intentions. During the Ganja Yin class, this is an extended meditation to invite in the medicine of cannabis as a class.


Get into your body through movement and stretching. During Yin, we hold poses for 3-5 minutes long, lubricating our connective tissues, relaxing our body. In Vinyasa we move one breath per movement to encourage circulation and promote strength.


The breath is a doorway into subtler aspects of ourselves. Go deeper when you connect with your breath. Connect with your center.


Relax in a bath of vibrations during an extended Savasana with a sound healing. Expand your consciousness and raise your vibrations. 

Weaving movement & vibrations


Ganja Yoga & Sound

The body is our temple and vehicle for our consciousness. The asana practice prepares our bodies for stillness so we can inquire into the subtler aspects of our being.

We begin by fully arriving to our practice with a guided chakra meditation. During this time, you are invited to partake in any medicine that resonates with you: cannabis, flower essences, essential oils, hape´, whatever supports you in this practice.

After the amplifying meditation, we move into an asana practice. This may be a Vinyasa or Yin styled practice depending on which you have chosen. This aspect of the class prepares the body so we can move into subtler bodies.

Following the Asana is our Breathwork practice. The Pranayama helps calm our thoughts and emotions as we focus our attention on the breath. Our breath is so powerful and with certain awareness and control has the ability to shift consciousness ... not to mention enhances our physiological functions.

This shift leads us into a vibrational state where we tune into our inner harmonics and create vibrations. Either through toning or humming, we'll encode our intentions into our vibrations so they resonate throughout our entire organism.

From there, relax back in Savasana to absorb and integrate your practice. A sound bath washes over you to encourage you to let go of even awareness to dissolve into pure consciousness.

Virtual Awakening Movement & Breath

Yoga is more than just the physical practice and yet it can be much more challenging to sit down and breath than it is to move.

We all know the importance of breathing and most of us know that the breathwork is a doorway not only into our autonomic nervous system but in unveiling deeper layers of ourselves. In the Sacred Flow membership each month I offer a breathwork practice to support the theme as well as provide a way to go deeper into the yoga experience.

The third Wednesday of each month we meet to practice this breathwork together. We do some gentle movement to help prepare our bodies, but this is really about the breathwork practice. It's short, 30-minutes, to hopefully make it accessible and easier to fit into your already busy schedule.

This class is free to Sacred Flow ~ ers but open to everyone.


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