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It's Equinox Season

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Photo by Syed F Hashemi on Unsplash

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A season of balance ... 

It’s Equinox season and for a brief moment on September 22, the sun and the moon will be aligned and we will experience equal day and equal night. There is a balance in the world in a way that exists only one other time, in 6 months during the vernal equinox.

One of the things that this teaches us is that there is a dynamic element to balance. Imagine being in tree pose on your yoga mat, you can feel it in the delicate dance your foot is doing with the earth beneath it to remain standing on one leg. In life, balance may change with the tides, our cycles, the seasons, the school year, the sports seasons, and because of this, it can be a challenge. Balance is not a static concept and we need to be regularly accessing ourselves, our energy levels, and our lives to maintain “balance” in our lives.


With that in mind, and after connecting with water in July and Burning Bright in August, it’s time to ground and earth a bit this month. 


So the question I pose to you is:

What is the bare minimum you need right now to feel balanced in your life.


What is your bottom line? What do you need each day, on a daily basis, to feel well and balanced. Do you do the Daily Practice?  What about on a weekly basis? Once a week, what do you need? Do you attend one of the weekly Asana community classes? Monthly? Do you set intentions each month to work with your energy in the New Moon or Full Moon Rituals?

What do you need to feel good?

Consider your stress intake and what you need to do to clear it away to a manageable level. What is the source of the stress and is there a way to alleviate it from your life? Consider your energy levels and what you need to feel like your cup is full. Where is your energy being drained and where does it feel refreshed? Look at your to-do lists and determine what you need to complete at a bare minimum to feel good about yourself.

It's important to feel good in life. When you feel good, you can offer that forward into the world and better support others in your life. When you are stressed, you share stress with the world ... but when your needs are met, and you feel balanced you are better equipped for life's ebbs and flows.


What's getting in the way of your needs?

Once you have identified what your baseline needs are, consider why they aren’t being met. What’s happening in your life, in your relationships, in the stories you tell yourself that is inhibiting your ability to feel balanced in life?


Limiting Beliefs

What limiting belief do you need to break through in order to make sure you get your basic needs met? For example, Do you think you are too busy and that you don’t have 30-minutes for yourself? Are you always putting other people’s needs first? What dwells beneath any resistance you have to putting yourself first? Do you feel unworthy? 

What is the story you are telling yourself? Look deep within you, beyond just the surface sensations and thoughts but deeply into what's written into your DNA and in your Vibrational patterns.


Outside Influences

Or does your partner or family not respect boundaries you put up? Is your work demanding more of you than is humanly possible to achieve in a 40-hour work week?

Consider your boundaries and how you can establish them so that you are getting your needs met. 


Imagine what feeling balanced feels like.

What if none of those storylines existed? What would your life look like if you say ‘Yes’ to what you need. If you were receiving the nourishment you require, on a base level, to feel balanced, what does that feel like? Take a few moments to feel into that frequency, the one you are calling into your life. 


We can’t pour from an empty cup.

I know we all know this adage. But the adage exists because so many of us are neglecting ourselves and are spending so much time being stressed out and highly triggered. And in my opinion, after spending the vast majority of my life living in that state, that is no way to live.


Our practices this month in the Sacred Flow membership will reduce our stress levels and activate our lower hemispheres, specifically those of the Muladhara and those responsible for establishing the foundation of our existence. Our root chakra is our base chakra that provides the foundation for all of our other chakras. Consider Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the bottom layer of the pyramid … that baseline consists of what we need in order to survive.

  • A certain amount of rest.
  • Particular types of food.
  • A certain amount of productive time around the house or at work.
  • 7-9 hours of sleep.
  • Reading a book a week.
  • Hiking once a week.
  • Time for yourself each day.

That’s what we are talking about. And we are all different and we all need something else to feel good and enjoy life. What is it you need? What do you want from life? What kind of feelings do you want to feel regularly?



You are worthy of feeling balanced in life and getting what you need. If your needs aren't being met, take a moment to consider why. Maybe you don't know what your baseline needs are. Maybe there's a lack of boundaries in your relationships.  Maybe there's a ton of stories holding you back. It may be layers deep, written into your DNA and into your vibrational patterning.

The point is, figure out what you need on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and begin taking the steps necessary to live a more balanced life. You deserve to live a life you love.


If you'd like support, join the membership and begin integrating practices into your daily life to help you de-stress and live a life you love.





Photo by Syed F Hashemi on Unsplash

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