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Enter the Sacred Flow of your life.

All Levels Welcome

These practices are rooted in yoga and
earth-based wisdoms and are accessible
to everyone.

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A living, online library of stress-reducing, harmony inducing, transformational practices.

This life only happens once. Live a life you love. 

Living a fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle can keep us from fully enjoying life.

We all know the importance of self-care and yet it can be so challenging to put ourselves first. Especially when the world is constantly changing, things feel a bit chaotic, our to-do lists are miles long, deadlines are right around the corner, we're a bit stressed/overwhelmed/anxious, and somebody somewhere needs something and is expecting something from us. There is too much to do and there isn't enough time to pause and take a moment for yourself. 

Sound familiar?

 But one of the things we may not realize is that we accumulate unprocessed stress and emotions. It creates tension in our bodies, it distracts our minds, and it destabilizes our emotions. The more we deny our stress, the less effective we are at work, at home, in our relationships, and in our lives. It is in everyone's, including our own, best interest if we take time for ourselves each day.  

"We cannot pour from an empty cup."

We're taught that our bodies need daily food, water, and exercise ... I believe this about our minds, emotions, and spirits.


Each new moon we begin a new focus.

We begin a new focus of practices each lunar cycle. This helps us:

  • Align with Earth and other Celestial Bodies and their influences over us.
  • Work with different aspects of ourselves.
  • Process different emotions.
  • Provides us a greater awareness of how we engage in the world.
  • Keeps our practice fresh.

Daily Practice


What you receive:

  • Video discussing the new seasonally aligned theme.
  • Live New Moon Intention Ceremony hosted on Zoom
  • 20-minute Daily Practice
  • 20-30-minute Vinyasa flow
  • 20-30-minute Yin
  • Embodiment practice/meditation
  • Guided medicinal chakra meditation.
  • Live Full Moon Ritual hosted on Zoom
Yes! I want a Daily Practice

Sacred Flow


What you receive:

  • Everything from the Daily Practice membership
  • Unlimited access to the library of past classes.
  • Unlimited access to the weekly Medicine Yin & Vinyasa Flow live classes and their replays.
  • Journal Prompts, Challenges, Affirmations, and more.
  •  Discounts on courses, workshops, and sound healings.
Yes! I want daily and weekly classes!

Get one month free when you commit for a year.

Daily Practice $484/yr
Sacred Flow $858/yr

What's included:

I understand that life can be busy and it can be a challenge to make time for ourselves. The pre-recorded videos are shorter so are easier to commit to on a regular basis. The more we practice, the more we receive and accumulate the benefits, and gain sovereignty over our lives.

The weekly longer, community classes encourage you to connect in, practice longer, and go deeper. These are included in the full Sacred Flow membership.

Curated self-inquiry and soul work

At the new moon, I'll introduce each month with ideas of how to look deeper within through the lens of yogic and earth wisdoms. You'll receive classes curated to align with the theme centered on seasonal energies and/or what's showing up in the world. There will be life application discussions, journal prompts, and more to inspire you along your journey.




Our stories are written into our bodies. It's important to tend to this earthly vehicle that expresses our life story and enables us to have this life experience.  3 pre-recorded, 20-minute classes will vary in energetics to support how your body is showing up each day: (1) Vinyasa, (1) Yin, (1) and Intuitive Embodiment.



The breath is a doorway into the wisdom of our body, the power of our physiological processes, and into expanded layers of our consciousness. Work with your breath to move from an ordinary state to an altered state to explore the uncharted realms embedded within you.



Vibrational Practices

Everything is energy and energy is vibration. Through these practices (mantra, mudra, toning, sound healing), listen to your inner resonance, connect directly with your vibrations, encode your intentions upon them, share them with cosmic consciousness, and raise your frequency.



Live classes

Medicine Yin
Sunday's @ 10:30am MST
Vinyasa Flow
Tuesday's @ 7pm MST 
New Moon Intention Ritual & Practice
Full Moon Burn Ritual & Practice
Scheduled in alignment w/the lunar phases.

{REPLAYS are uploaded to the portal}


New Moon Intention Setting

Ascend from the mundane into the Sacred through setting intentions each new moon to help you transform your life.



Full Moon Burn Ritual

Each month, release what isn't serving you and is blocking you from living a life you love. Call in what it is you are manifesting.



Plant Medicine


All my classes and offerings are plant medicine friendly, though Yin is a guided plant medicine experience (though it isn't required). Additionally, a Daily Practice is an amazing way to integrate and prepare for ceremony. I include a guided chakra meditation that can be used to help you bring intention into medicine use during these practices.

Sacred Flow unlimited access: $78/mo
Get 1 month of the full membership free: $858/yr
Daily Practice: $44/mo

Who this Portal is designed for.

These techniques are for everyone. Anyone seeking a deeper relationship with themselves and a healthier way of living can benefit.

That said, this is deep energetic work and the themes and practices may be more aligned with:

  • Yogi's who have practiced Vinyasa and want to go deeper.
  • Left-brainers who want to understand some of the science behind the practices.
  • Shallow/unconscious breathers interested in breathwork practices.
  • Those experiencing depression or lethargy to help build energy and a better relationship with yourself.
  • Those who need guidance beginning a meditation practice.
  • People living a fast-paced life.
  • Those feeling unaligned in life and want to work with intentional energies.
  • Anyone seeking to align with the lunar phases and engage in earth-based practices.
  • Empaths/Highly Sensitives to help manage emotions and build resilience.
  • People pleasers to help with self-care.
  • Introverts to have the feel of a studio without actually needing to go to one.
  • Those easily triggered that would like to cultivate calm.
  • If you are nearing burnout or are highly stressed.
  • Night owls to help you practice when studio lights are off.
  • Cannabis/Plant medicine people who want to deepen their community ceremonies.
  • Anyone seeking to raise their vibrations!

The Sacred Flow is an invitation to come as you are, when you can, and sit in reverence of yourself.

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Join Now! $44/mo

You're invited to join!


A daily hOMe practice is becoming more and more important for our overall wellbeing. We are constantly bombarded with stressors and need to commit to regularly working through the stress and cultivate balance, harmony, and grace.

This portal is a hOMe for high vibrational practices to help you nourish your body on all levels and support you in navigating this earth experience. It is a hub of self-inquiry prompts, vibrational practices, challenges, and yoga classes led by Megan that you can access every single day, wherever you are and whenever you need them.

New curated themes are uploaded on the New Moon.

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