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A living, online hub of high-vibrational practices.

Raise your frequency with a daily practice. Practice from your living room, hotel room, tent on top of a mountain, in your office, boat on a lake, a beach near an ocean, or wherever you are. Make it a morning, a lunchtime, a between meetings, or an evening practice. Choose from a variety of classes and themes when you need it and/or commit to the current theme and practice it for 40 days.

 Any time, anywhere you can develop a deeper connection with yourself, expand your awareness, unblock limiting beliefs, and raise your frequency. Through the use of ancient yogic & earth wisdoms, asana, pranayama, vibrational practices, I've curated an inquisitive experience where we explore and practice working with various aspects of ourselves, how we engage with ourselves and with the world around us. They support you in navigating the seasonal & environmental shifts & energies that engage us all. Learn how to connect with your center as you ride the ebbs and flows of this sacred journey.

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The Sacred Flow is an invitation to come as you are, when you can, and to choose the practice you need.

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A daily hOMe practice is becoming more and more important for our overall wellbeing. We are constantly bombarded with stressors and need to commit to regularly working through the stress and cultivate balance, harmony, and grace.

This portal is a hOMe for high vibrational practices to help you nourish your body on all levels and support you in navigating this earth experience. It is a hub of self-inquiry prompts, vibrational practices, challenges, and yoga classes led by Megan that you can access every single day, wherever you are and whenever you need them.

New curated themes are uploaded on the New Moon.

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I know a daily practice can be hard.


I spent years in corporate neglecting myself and my practice. I put work, boys, friends, and family before my needs. I was constantly going and I ended up incredibly burnt out.

I wish I had online community support to inspire me to honor myself as a sacred part of life and to commit to my own wellbeing. A library of classes that made practicing easy and accessible may have transformed my entire experience of this life.

This is exactly why I created The Sacred Flow. 

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What's included:

This is designed with a daily practice in mind ... and this commitment is a practice in and of itself.

I understand that life can be busy and it can be a challenge to make time for ourselves. Some of the classes are shorter to help you to commit to a daily practice.

It is said that it takes 40-days of committing to something for it to really take effect. These practices can overlap as the work integrates. Start Day 1 today.


Curated self-inquiry and soul work

At the new moon, I'll introduce each month with ideas of how to look deeper within through the lens of yogic and earth wisdoms. You'll receive classes curated to align with a theme centered on seasonal energies and/or what's showing up in the world.




Our energy ebbs & flows. Classes will vary in energetics to support how your body is showing up each day.




The breath is a doorway into the wisdom of our body and into expanded layers of our consciousness. Work with your breath to move from an ordinary to an altered state to explore these uncharted realms.



Vibrational Practices

Everything is energy and energy is vibration. Through these practices, listen to your inner resonance, connect directly with your vibrations, encode your intentions upon them, and raise your frequency.



Weekly Sadhana Encouragement

Receive weekly inspiration and encouragement to commit to your Sadhana.



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Live classes

Join for the Group Guidance Gatherings and Full Moon activations.

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If you've never taken a class with me, consider first trying a virtual class with me to get to know me! I would love to connect with you!

Can't make it live No worries, I send out the link after class (it's available for about a week).

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