Offerings & Journeywork



Choose whether you want to begin a deeper self-inquiry journey with a community of people across the US, learn breathwork techniques to help you hack your nervous system and increase emotional resiliency, or integrate stretching into your day to support your overall wellbeing.




Cultivate a personal daily practice. Each lunar cycle receive new videos aligned with the theme to help you explore different aspects of yourself. Access to a library of past classes and weekly live classes. Dive deeper into your organism through asana, pranayama, vibrational practices, and more.

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5 Breathwork Techniques in 5 Days

Whether it's 5-minutes a day, 20-minutes, or more, finding time is for ourselves is important. This course will guide you in creating ritual, teach you 5 different practices you can use at anytime for the rest of your life, and will help you integrate the practices into your daily life. Take time to reduce your stress, recalibrate your system, and take a few moments to sit with yourself.

Each day receive a new daily practice. 

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Video Series

If you have been working at a desk, especially in less-than-ergonomic home office environments, you may have started to experience discomfort and even injuries from repetitive stress. 

This package includes a variety of videos where I’ll be teaching you sequences that you can practice in between meetings, or at the beginning and/or end of your workday. 

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Living on Purpose

This is for you if you feel like you are sleepwalking through life, are always stressed out, need a shift, want to deepen your connection with self, want to start a yoga practice, and/or start living with more intention in life. It encourages self-inquiry within the 4 main pillars of life to help you ask questions about how you are living. The yoga practices are short and powerful to help you physically, mentally, and emotionally strengthen, build resiliency, and learn to trust in your innate wisdom.

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Join a weekly class

Drop-in for a Sunday Sacred Medicine Yin class or a Thursday Yoga for Ergonomics.


Join a Moon Ceremony

Connect with your dreams through ritual for a New or Full Moon Ceremonies.

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