How to destress, emotionally stabilize, and regulate your nervous system in 5 minutes a day!

Join hundreds of 9-5er's, entrepreneur's, and yogi's today who are changing their lives with these empowering techniques.



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5 Breathwork Practices

5 different guided breathwork practices you can use throughout your day to help you focus, energize, and regulate. These practices are designed to initiate physiological processes to support your emotional and mental bodies in 5-minutes a day.

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The Science Behind the Techniques

Learn how and why breathwork is beneficial.  I'll help you become an expert in your own inherent capability to harness  this ancient but effective form of healing! Unlock your inner potential.

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Extended Movement and Breathwork Practices

Receive a 20-minute movement and breathwork practice for each of the 5-minute techniques (5 in total) that includes movement to help you more fully prepare your system for the breathwork.

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Supplemental Workbook

Connect with your energetic bodies, receive downloads, work with intentions, see patterns, and simply be with yourself with this supplemental workbook filled with journal prompts, insights, and inspiration.

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See how other 9-5 workers, entrepreneurs, and yogi's are changing their lives with these techniques.

"I am an entrepreneur, multi-hyphenate professional, working mother and creative enthusiast. I am also a people pleaser who has a hard time saying no, and I pile loads of expectation and stress upon myself. I came to a point in my life where I felt completely overwhelmed and burned out. Megan appeared at the most critical time for me with this program, and it was literally life changing. She showed me how to be quiet and recollect myself for only 20 minutes a day. This was all I could offer myself at the time, but it ended up being just enough to drastically change my life. That's all.... 20 minutes. Her program integrates easy body movements and breath work that literally transforms your body and mind in only 5 days. I have promised myself to keep going with her teachings because I have finally found something that helped me feel better. She is so knowledgeable, caring and giving, and she is a true gift to this world. If you are feeling burnout, dis-ease, exhaustion, or disconnectedness with yourself, please do yourself a favor and try this program. It is a commitment to yourself that you will not regret."

Kristin D.

"Day 1 in the books and I already like it and know it's going to be good for me. I was surprised how much writing thoughts/reactions down helps me focus on aspects of my life that need work. I think it will help me stay focused.I am overworked, stressed out, and my body is wrecked. This is a positive first step toward healing, feeling better, and working toward mental, physical, and emotional health."

Heath, C.

"This program was just what I needed to reignite my morning routine daily practice. Very beautiful balance of movement, breathwork, meditation, and reflection. As a medicine woman, I learned how to drop in more completely during my meditation, new breathwork practices that I can call upon as needed to support me throughout my days, and a recommitment to myself and my well-being. I'm going to do it again this week! Thanks so much for sharing this with the world and helping others tap into themselves. So grateful."

Elissa A.

"What a great program!! It gives you a gateway to practice deeper and can provide an effective warm up or cool down to other practices. 20 minutes fly by, and I ALWAYS feel better when I'm finished. As a health and fitness professional, I highly recommend this challenge."

Chris S.

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