Breathe & Be 5-Day Challenge

Reduce your stress, recalibrate your system, and take a few moments for yourself. A 5-day daily ritual challenge based on the ancient practice of yoga. Inclusive of movement, breathwork, and meditation. Make it a challenge or take it at your own pace ... it's completely up to you.

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These practices are designed to initiate physiological processes to support your emotional and mental bodies.

Tone Your Nervous System

Breathwork empowers our ability to connect with our nervous system, build awareness and resiliency, and enables us to respond vs react to life experiences.

Connect with Yourself

Connect with your energetic bodies, receive downloads, work with intentions, see patterns, and simply be with yourself.

"Megan reminded me how to be quiet with myself for only 20 minutes a day. Her program integrates easy body movement and breath work that literally transforms your body and mind in only 5 days. I have promised myself to keep going with her teachings because I finally found something that helped me feel better. She is incredible, caring, giving, and a true gift to this world. If you are feeling burnout, dis-ease, exhaustion, disconnectedness with yourself, etc. please do yourself a favor and follow Megan. Try this program. It's a 5 day commitment to yourself that you won't regret."

Kristen D.

Breathe & Be 5-Day Challenge

You deserve time each day for yourself, to process life and align with your intentions. Motivate yourself to begin creating "You Time" with this 5-Day Daily Ritual Challenge. This is a self-led course designed to provide you with a new breathwork practice each day for five days. You can:

° Make it a challenge and do the 20 minute practice each day.
° Spend a week with each practice.
° Take your time with the practices coming to each one as you are ready.
° It's your course! However you would like to approach this course is up to you!

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This Daily Practice challenge is great for ...

Fast-paced, high stress

For those trying to navigate fast-paced, high stress environments and may be nearing/avoiding/healing from burn out.

Highly Sensitive

For those who feel emotions strongly and want support regulating their nervous system and managing their emotions.

Plant Medicine

Prepare for or integrate your plant medicine ceremony.

Breathe & Be 5-Day Challenge

The day you register you will receive videos on how to prepare for this challenge. And then, starting the following day for 5-days, you receive a 20-minute Daily Ritual practice that includes:

Movement practices to nourish your physical body, increase circulation, energize stagnancy, and move blockages.

Breathwork techniques to initiate physiological processes to support your emotional and mental bodies, releasing stress, and recalibrating your system.

Meditation time to help you connect with your energetic bodies, receive downloads/insights, and align with your intentions.

Journal Prompts to capture the experience and help us to see patterns, toxic/draining energies, synchronicities, and discovering alignment.

{Bonus} You'll also receive videos with:

A brief history of the yogic tradition upon which this challenge is based.

A discussion around the general benefits of breathwork & meditation.

Ways to help you prepare for this challenge and set yourself up for success.

5 daily instructional videos about each breathwork technique, its benefits, and best times to use the breath to support your daily wellbeing.

Integration support.

You'll walk away with:

A sense of accomplishment.

5 breathwork techniques to support you in 5 different states of being.

A deeper connection with yourself.

Ideas of how to integrate a daily practice into your life.

Lifetime access to these practices to return to and use as needed.

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