Chair Yoga for Ergonomics

If you have been working at a desk, especially in less-than-ergonomic home office environments, you may have started to experience discomfort and even injuries from repetitive stress. This can cause an aching body, fatigue, and mental annoyance throughout your work day, and into your personal life.

This package includes a variety of videos where I’ll be teaching you sequences that you can practice in between meetings, or at the beginning and/or end of your workday. You should feel an immediate reduction in tension after using these videos, and if you practice this consistently, you can expect to increase strength and mobility, and reduced strain and pain going forward.

Stretch it out!

Repetitive movement and poor posture will eventually break down your body if you don't balance it. Do these movements between meetings, projects, or on a break. 


When our bodies feel better and aren't a distraction, our minds can focus easier. Regularly doing these videos will not only make your body feel better, but will help the mind find a centered calm.

Shorter Classes

I know you're short on time, these classes are 5, 10, and 20 minutes long so that you can more easily integrate them periodically throughout your day.

"I LOVED these classes so much - it felt really, really good. I totally want to do a recording every day because it immediately made my body feel better."

Cassie F.

Desk Yoga for Ergonomics

Pay What You Can

This series includes:

  • 5-minute neck, shoulder, and wrist stretch

  • 5-minute hip and back stretch

  • 10-minute posture correction

  • 20-minute full body stretch and alignment

  • 5-minute┬árest for eye strain

  • 4-minute stretch for wrist health
  • 5-minute stretch for shoulder health
  • 5-minute stretch for neck health
  • 5-minute quick activation
  • {BONUS} 10-minute relaxing body scan

You're not supposed to be in pain.

Your tight shoulders, stiff neck, sore lower back, and aching hips … that’s your body expressing displeasure … in some way it is unhealthy. This is not a no pain no gain situation. This is a pain that will only accumulate and get worse if you don’t begin supporting your body.


This video series is designed with shorter classes to help you add movement to your day. The videos range from roughly 4.5 minutes to 20-minutes. Many are in a chair, but there are a few that get you up from that chair and ask you to stand. There are options to work larger areas of your body (like your entire upper hemisphere, as an example), or to specifically target a smaller area such as your wrists.

"If more designers had bad backs, we would have more good chairs."

- Ralph Caplan

"Sitting is the new smoking."

But standing all day isn't the answer either. Incorporate movements that give your body the reprieve it craves.

Your chair works harder.

We rely on our chairs to hold our arms and upper body and to even rotate and move around for us. Regain your strength, mobility, and flexibility.

Custom ergonomic design?

Unless your desk area was constructed specifically to fit your form, you are most likely sitting in a chair and at a desk that doesn't fit your frame causing even more impact. Use the chair to support your wellbeing instead.

Soon ergonomic science will disrupt the preventive healthcare industry. 

- Deepankar Dass

Bring this to your team!

Do you want to provide this video series to your team? Or do you want to invite Megan to guide a 60-minute virtual class for a team-building exercise or a way to offer your organization a healthy way to take a break? 


Thank you for your interest in either purchasing this series for your team and/or scheduling a class with Megan. A 60-minute class begins at $150. Submit the form below with some background about your organization and I will respond with a quote and more information.

Desk Yoga for Ergonomics

Create work/life balance by bringing life back into work.

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