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Take an intentional breath ...

There are so many reasons to begin a breathwork practice: increasing mindfulness, quelling anxiety, taming fear, lifting lethargy, ceremony prep and integration, healing burnout, and more.


Breath is prana; it’s life. Through directing the breath, you are able to affect your body, mind, spirit, and life experience. It could be one of the most “woo woo” yet scientifically based practices out there right now. Breathwork is used in yoga studios to military training to corporate retreats to healing centers. It’s so prevalent because it is so truly powerful. Breathwork is for everyone.


And no, a breathwork practice doesn’t just mean you sit silently in stillness with zero thoughts. I mean, sometimes it is. But it also can be breathing quickly to fire you up. It can be using your mind in service of the breath and counting each inhale and exhale. It can be a psychedelic experience. It can be so many different things.


Whatever it is you are going through, there is a pranayama practice to support you.


I teach 5 different techniques in my Breathe & Be program to get you started. The program is self-paced and provides the bioenergetic and scientific effects of each technique. I pack a lot of info into this program, so if you are dubious, this may be just what you need to break thru the skeptic threshold into a new way of living in connection with yourself.


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