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Vishuddha Vibes

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"Communication is the process of transmitting and receiving information through symbols. As written or spoken words, as musical patterns, omens, or electrical impulses to the brain, the fifth chakra is the center that translates these symbols into information. Communication, due to its symbolic nature, is an essential key to accessing the inner planes." Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith, Ph.D.


This month in the Sacred Flow membership we have been focusing our attention on how we communicate. With Mercury alive in the skies (Gemini Season), this is an amazing opportunity to align with the planets influences and dive deep into what we hold in our throats. 

Our Vishuddha holds the space of communication, sound, listening, and self-expression. It is here that we move beyond the earthly elements and step into the space of the vibrational. Much of this space is about connecting with our truth, how we share our authenticity with the world, and how we listen to ourselves and others. This is the first of the upper chakras where we move beyond the earthly elements of existence. "Communication is our first level of physical transcendence in that it enables us to transcend the ordinary limitations of the body." (Judith) This is an opportunity to see how we connect on a vibrational level. This connection could be observing inner connections in the form of observing our brain synapses and the quality of thoughts they produce and are communicating to our cells. It could be reflecting on troublesome relationships to see where there may be communication breakdowns. We are in a constant state of communication and as such, there is near limitless possible opportunities to explore.

As we do this work together (or consider this work if you aren't part of the Sacred Flow membership), I wanted to share some of what was personally coming up for me. 

Big questions I have been asking myself are:

  • With whom do I struggle to communicate? Why?
  • How many times do I say "Yes" when I really mean "No"?
  • Where is my introverted shyness still showing up?
  • Where am I hiding/afraid to express myself?

I've been marinating in these questions as I've moved through our practices that have been stretching out our throats, moving blockages from our Vishuddha chakra, activating our Soul Voice, and encouraging us to listen to our highest selves. A lot comes up for me when I do bhramari pranayama (one of this months practices!).

And damn, but my Vishuddha is starting to vibrate and what has been showing up has been incredibly revealing.

When I sit with the above questions, one of the things that I have been "hearing" is to know my why. Part of my authentic self is connected with knowing why it is that I do what I do. This questioning has not only been helping me to connect with my purpose but also helping me to focus my energies on projects that more appropriately align with my dreams.

AND, when I apply this thought of "know my why" to the aforementioned questions, the answers that have come back have really pulled back the veil on some of the blockages I have been experiencing in my Vishuddha.

For example, when I looked hard at why that shy little girl keeps running to hide in a closet, I realized it was fear of being  wrong, doing harm, being seen/heard and judged for who I am, what I am creating, and what I would like to offer the world. I'm not a fan of being laughed at or made fun of (which happened to my sensitive younger self). I saw my differences as weaknesses instead of strength and was ashamed of who I was. I love how Judith says that "Communication  shapes our reality and creates the future" and uses the example of asking someone to bring you a glass of water. In that request, you are creating a future where someone is bringing you a glass of water. This idea magnified the importance of intentional communication, especially when thinking about the future. I realized that my communication patterns between my brain, my cells, my vibrational fields, and my future is incredibly limiting in and of itself ... I am limiting myself and my ability to create my dream future because I keep telling myself un/subconsciously I am ashamed of the future I am trying to build.



With this clearer vision, I am trying to increase the communication between my inner child and my future self. I am noticing the judgmental patterns I have around how I frame (communicate) my past experiences (I'm afraid of being judged for who I am but I'm probably the one judging me the most!). I am cultivating my own sense of self worth so I honor and value my own unique expressions in this world. When I looked at why I say 'yes' when I mean 'no' it comes down to not wanting to disappoint the other person in some way so I am placing more value on their feelings that I am on my own because. When we do this, this denies our authentic self from being expressed! 

Whew, and that's just a portion of what's been coming up for me. There is so much work to be done! And I'm excited to address some of these root issues so that I can enhance my communication, learn to listen more acutely and with full presence, and raise my vibrations.

How about you? What's your communication like? 

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Next month, under the guidance of the Moon (Cancer energy), we'll be working on being a mother to our own inner child to help heal some deep seated wounding and patterns.





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