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Soul Hygiene

daily practice sadhana

Most of us were taught at a young age that our body needs food 3x a day, that in the morning and evening we wash our faces and our teeth, our bodies need daily washing and exercise, and that we should be eliminating toxins and excess and whatever else our body doesn't need on the regular. We have physical hygiene drilled into us.

But what about mental hygiene?

Were you taught that the social conditioning and narratives that were being written into your memories and thoughts would create your reality?

What about emotional hygiene?

Were you taught that your emotions are actually your friends? That they are messengers from your body alerting you to something and that you should feel them fully?

What about spiritual hygiene?

Were you taught that not only are we all made of the same star stuff, but at the root of even those tiniest of atoms is a vibration? And that vibration is the source consciousness of all that there is? So we are all connected on an energetic, vibrational level?

What about soul hygiene?

And were you taught that we can access these subtler languages of our thoughts, emotions, and energy/vibration through movements, breathwork, and meditation? That we are able to become alert to and influential over the vibrational patterns that make up our existence?


For me, that stuff for the most part was left out of my curriculum. 


Chasms in our soul

I think in large part because of Descarte and the separation of Church and State (Religion and Science), we really aren't taught to value and work with the subtler layers of our organism. Those parts of us are compartmentalized, immediately slicing us into parts rather than honoring ourselves as a whole. This alone creates chasms within our intelligence centers. We learn how to isolate and ignore aspects of ourselves. To honor logic and denounce emotions, for example.


Although the paradigm is shifting so the young people of the world are being raised differently, that's not universal and doesn’t help those of us in the older generations. Most of us have limited knowledge and experience in truly taking care of our emotions, beliefs, spirits, and consciousness. And yet, these aspects of our lives are important and highly affect our nervous system, our health, and our ability to live in harmony.


But this Soul work isn’t something most do on a daily basis. And yet every day there are cycles of thinking consuming our minds, emotions rising up to tell us how we’re feeling about life, and vibrational patterns being created that are attracting like-quality experiences.


Weekly classes/church/group gatherings, monthly ceremonies, occasional plant medicine experiences, while important, aren’t enough to take care of our souls. Especially in today’s world. Holy Shit! We experience so many f’n daily stressors that sometimes just getting through the day is hard enough. And if we aren’t doing something daily to help clear the day’s debris, it just accumulates in our body, and it builds and it builds and it builds...until one day, it’s too much to contain.


Daily Practice

Many Eastern cultures have this idea of a daily practice, or Sadhana, deeply embedded in their lives. A traditional Sadhana includes breathwork and meditation … which is how we bridge the conscious to the unconscious and access our subtle bodies. It is through this space that we can influence our vibrational fields. This is what has changed and continues to transform my life. This is what I offer in my Sacred Flow membership. Sadhana. A daily practice. A guide for you to access your unconscious and journey into the subtle layers of your being.


>>  Learn more about what Sadhana is.


So much of this world is suffering. We as a global community are in pain. There is so much shift and change constantly happening. It feels like we are under a constant threat … our health, safety, community, sovereignty, lives . Taking time each day to breathe, feel, reflect, break down if you want to/need find a few moments of stillness amidst the bedlam that can be daily life … it’s a sacred and loving act. Not only for ourselves, but for those around us, because, like I often say, we can’t pour from an empty cup. 


But, this is one of those things you have to experience for yourself to understand what I mean. It’s not something you can understand through the intellect because it’s a different language … one of the body, emotions, and vibrations. In fact, we’re trying to help clear the intellect and unite it with the rest of our intelligences (emotional, vibrational, intuitional, etc).


Testimonial about what I am talking about ...

In fact, I’ve been chatting with an old friend of mine, someone who I knew through church and going through catechism with, explaining the membership. And he joined, noting that he needed something exactly like what I was talking about in his lives. And for months,  I don’t think he ever did the daily practice and only showed up to a couple of the live Moon Ceremonies (he was having a crazy busy life and it’s understandably a challenge to begin something new when so much is going on!!).


After a few months we chatted on the phone and he was telling me his current situation, the sadness that was consuming him, and just how deep his grief went. And I totally understand ... we were just wrapping up an entire lunar cycle that worked with the emotion of grief. So, I told him that and recommended he go back and do that Daily Practice to help support where he was in life.


Finally, alignment. 


He sat down and did the Daily Practice for grief. Immediately after, I started receiving messages thanking me for gently encouraging the daily practice (hint hint, nudge nudge) … he said it was like having sex … and was hooked. In doing it, he totally understood what I meant by how powerful a Daily Practice can be. 


Your turn.

So, give it a try. 20-minutes. Set a timer. Sit down and breathe. Close your eyes and watch the breath. Feel your body release tension and pent up stress with every exhale. Let your body relax. Turn off the chatter in the mind and tune into the whispers from your soul.







Photo by Erica Tessmann on Unsplash

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