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5 Ways to Create a Sacred Space

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There’s a feeling I get when I walk into a yoga studio. The energy shifts as I enter into the sanctuary that has housed years of yogic energy. It’s different than the loud chaos of the outside world as it holds a higher frequency resonance … that of love and transformation. The scent of incense (maybe even attempting to mask the sweat that has poured from bodies onto mats) wafts through my nostrils and I instinctually begin energetically preparing for my practice. I place my shoes/bag/etc in a little cubby and with only my mat, water, and myself, I walk through the curtain, and find my spot in a beautiful, clutter-free space. There is nothing in that room to remind me of my day-to-day self, allowing me to let go of all constraints/distractions and to surrender into the moment. There is nothing else I can be doing than my yoga practice and I am able to deepen even more into myself and the weaving of my various energies.


It can be a challenge to get this same feeling with a home practice. Especially in these times when we were suddenly forced home and maybe didn’t have the intention of developing a home practice. Our homes hold our “everyday” energy, that of the mundane, perhaps of arguments and fights, stress and strain, of cooking, cleaning, maybe a TV … take a moment to consider all that goes on in your house. Myriad of energies contribute to the overall energetic fields in which you live. This can affect a home practice as it may be more of a struggle to step away from all that needs to be done in order to surrender into the moment of now on your mat or cushion. Even once on your mat it can be a challenge to stay connected to your practice as you have the opportunity to get up to quickly put that in the hamper, go to the bathroom, skip a pose to cuddle with a furry friend, respond to kids/partner/friend or (fill in your top distraction). One of the hardest parts of building a home practice is creating, physically and mentally, the space for it.


For this reason, I highly encourage you to take some time to create a more sacred space in which to practice. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change the spare room into a yoga/meditation room (although … ). But even one small thing, like burning white sage at the beginning of each practice, can shift the ambience of a room and help tune you in to your practice. Creating a space (grab some statues and plants!) or committing to a ritual that shifts the energy of the room (light some sage or Palo Santo!) can communicate to your body and inner awareness that your practice is about to begin.



Here are my top ideas on how to set up a sacred space.


Try changing the ambience of your room by turning down the lights, maybe getting a funky colored light, or light some candles (or turn on some LED’s). Blacklights are one of our favorites to change up a room!



Our sense of smell is so powerful! Here are a few of my favorite scents to use for meditating/yoga.


 Most of these can be found in oil form, but I really enjoy inviting in the element of fire and the cleansing aspect of burning.

  • Sage: White sage cleans and clears the air and energy of a room. I like to call it nature’s Lysol since it is anti-nearly everything toxic, physically and energetically.
  • Palo Santo: This “Holy Stick” brings in an earthy intention connecting you with Gaia and deepening your awareness into your heart space.
  • Mugwort: This plant is used in Astral Projection and is great to elevate and expand consciousness.
  • Cedar: Used for healing, purification, and protection and promotes peaceful thoughts and enhances our ability to “listen” and “interpret”.


  • Lavender: This is a common oil that is used for calming and relaxing the physical, rational, emotional, and intuitive self.
  • Vetiver: Great to use if you are feeling anxious or high energy as this connects you with Gaia and fosters a grounding experience.
  • Frankincense: Originally more valuable than gold, this scent is incredibly healing.
  • Citrus: This is great for a morning class to help you wake up and energize!
  • Your favorite: You can’t go wrong with your favorite.



  • Set your favorite statue by your mat.
  • Surround your mat with crystals.
  • Place a plant near where you practice.
  • Clear away clutter (or cover it with a tapestry).
  • Write out your favorite quote, current motto/mantra, or anything inspirational/motivational and place it where you can see it and it will remind you to re-enter a sacred space if you have mentally/emotionally wandered away.




  • Play some nature sounds to create a natural ambience.
  • Find a favorite Spotify list and play it loud!
  • If you’re meditating, choose some music that doesn’t have words.
  • Silence is golden as well and can be incredibly calming … try some ear plugs to block out the external world.
  • Binaural Beats can help shift your brainwaves into a meditative place.




  • Whether you live with family, friends, or strangers, let people know you are entering into a sacred space and request all communications pause until you are complete.
  • Create a “Meditating” or “Self-Caring” or “Yoga Time” sign and put it outside your door.



You know what your distractions are and what you need to create a sacred space in which you can practice. I highly encourage you to take some time to create a space or to make it to your mat 5-10-minutes ahead of beginning to burn/diffuse some scents to help clear existing energy and cultivate a mindful, distraction-free place for you to be with yourself for a while.


I know it’s not the same as in a studio; it’s different for me too. But to be able to create a sanctuary within our homes is important. Not only does it help us to create a space we need wherever we are, but it also helps elevate the energy of your home to have a calming, meditative, yogic practice. The more you create that energy through your practice, the quicker you can tune into that higher frequency when things get a little more chaotic.



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