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3rd Eye Activation Practice

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Our third eye center dwells in our Ajna (6th) Chakra. This energy helps us explore the subtler aspects of our consciousness. When I personally tune into this chakra I imagine myself connecting into the astral planes, the akashic records, and the web of synchronicity that creates the tapestry of our lives. Through the Ajna I quiet my ego so I can listen to my intuition.


Winter is a wonderful month to withdrawal from external stimuli, influences, opinions, etc. and to really listen to your soul voice. It is often through this deep listening that you are able to decipher what it is you truly want in life and begin to imagine what you want. The Ajna chakra really teaches how to awaken to this way of living as your third eye opens ... which in many ways is the reason it is associated with the element of light. We open our eyes so that we can receive light. When we open our third eye we are opening ourselves up to perceiving higher vibrational frequencies. And! There are over 100 functions in our body that are influenced by how much light we take in. 


Additionally, the pineal gland is associated with the third eye center (here is a short YouTube clip of Sadhguru talking about what happens with third eye activation) and with Melatonin, which has also been isolated in the pineal gland. We know this hormone  influences our sleep patterns, believed to strengthen our immune system, reduce stress, and slow aging. Additionally, depression is often associated with low melatonin production … which is something we see an increase of during winter in the form of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) … because we experience less light during the winter. I love the practice I am going to share with you year-round, but this is why I especially this as a winter and springtime practice as it helps increase the amount of light we receive.

A quick note about sleep

Before I get to the third eye activation practice, I'd like to make the suggestion that the amount of sleep we get is also related to our ability to not only night dream, but also to day dream. If we aren't getting enough sleep, we don't recover and replenish enough to generate the energy required to operate in higher states of existence. And winter especially is about withdrawing into a place of quiet, restful, solitude. So please make sure you are sleeping enough and replenishing your system so you can do this work.


A light meditation practice

This practice helps us receive light into our systems and to awaken our third eye. It is suggested that it be done during sunrise or sunset when the UV rays are at their lowest...but do it when you can or when there is sun available (peering through all of those cloudy days).

  1. Sit outside somewhere comfortable where you can see the sun. If you live somewhere where it is cloudy often and the sun is obscured, consider still sitting outside and doing this practice, but also see below for additional ideas.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Focus your awareness on breathing.
  4. With your eyelids still closed, draw your drishti, your gaze, up to the place between your brows.
  5. Inhale all the sun’s light into the third eye. If you don't have much light, imagine the light of the sun being received thru the third eye.
  6. Imagine this light piercing thru the veils obscuring your connection with your intuition.
  7. Listen to your soul voice.
  8. Relax and breathe here for 5-10 minutes.
  9. After some time of light absorbing, journal what it is you are calling into your life.

This practice will not only help regulate the pineal gland and the production of melatonin, but will help to awaken your ethereal perception organ, your third eye. It may even help to decalcify your pineal gland! Practice this regularly and invite light into the darkness of your unconscious ... making your dreams known to you.

Other ways to practice

If the sun isn't readily available, consider working with a full spectrum light and imagining it to be the rays of the sun.


Descartes called the Pineal Gland the seat of the soul ... take some time for this practice and light up your soul!




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