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Hey there, I'm Megan Sax.

I'm obsessed with all things yoga and sound.


You left your corporate job to be a yoga teacher?

And other questions I am frequently asked.

What is Sacred Yoga & Sound?

This baby was doula'd into the online world in 2020 due to the situation at the time. In many ways, it's the digital version of Vinyasa Productions, my beloved and my's event production company. And, tbh, it's grown into something drastically different than I imagined, in all of the best ways.

What began as just virtual classes has evolved into a sanctuary for those seeking a different relationship with themselves and with their lives. It's a library of opportunities to learn more about yourself. The chance to make small and sustainable shifts in your life (where are my James Clear Atomic Habits people at?)

Sacred Yoga & Sound is my offering to the world. One that comes from my own personal journey for I am my first and constant student. Navigating stress, mental challenges, and addictions, I strengthened my nervous system, awakened my authentic self, and healed my body—one day at a time—and developed a toolbox of methods to create a life I love.


You have an online yoga studio?

Yep! Sure do. I call it Re:Vitalize. It's there to imbue you with new life and vitality. It is your source for help with:

  • Discovering phenomenally delicious, strength-inducing, mobility-increasing, stress-banishing, and energizing movements.
  • Tapping into your innermost dreams and desires.
  • Being you.

(It's also your portal to a deep rabbit hole of self-discovery and self-mastery, which is may cause you to make changes that lead to transformation...which can be hard AF, but I'm here to walk beside you.)

And you're heated, power trained, right? So it's all Vinyasa?

Nope. Vinyasa is a thread that weaves together the other aspects of yoga. I love a flow, it makes me feel like I am dancing. It's there to help us prepare for the subtler work of breathwork, meditation, and even sound healing. The class that's actually the member favorite is the Earth Medicine Yoga class, which is relaxation-based, think yin and somatic yoga). I am amazed by mantra and mudra and offer those modalities as well.

I try to honor all the limbs of yoga for they are all equally important. It's a matter of understanding what you need and choosing the appropriate class. 


What if I need more support?

Yay! I love this for sooooo many reasons. I am such a huge fan of 1:1 work. Don't get me wrong, I love my Re:Vitalize and Re:Emerge group containers. But diving into the nitty gritty, getting radically honest, and customizing practices based on those things makes me so happy. I have such a huge f'n toolbox of practices to pull from and I find such delight in meeting you where you are and creating a journey that is uniquely yours.

I offer an initial 4pk of classes at an introductory price and then offer a fully customized, progressive program in 1- 3- and 6-month containers. Go to this page to see if this is something that can support you.

I already go to a weekly studio class, why do I need your membership?

I love that! I adore in-person classes and find them so beneficial. Don't stop going to those! Especially those power classes if you crave/need those!

The membership is here to provide you with shorter practices that you can do daily. Consistency is key and having access to a library of classes enables you to make yoga more of a lifestyle. It also empowers you to get the practice you need rather than what the instructor is teaching for that day.


Okay, why are you so obsessed with a home practice?

I fully believe in community healing ... but an aspect of that is going home and integrating. A home practice helps you make the actual shifts and changes you are inspired to make in community ceremonies/classes. I, unfortunately, have seen sooooo many people become reliant on teachers, guru's, guides, medicines ... something outside of themselves ... for their healing/motivation/accountability. This leads to an inability to self-manage and actually may instill a lack of self trust. 

But you have everything you need within you.

I fully believe that we are the ones that need to heal ourselves, yes with the support of others, but it's up to us. The membership provides you with practices and tools for self-mastery. And when we practice and do the work at home ... it intensifies community journey's. 


What's all this hype around the nervous system and how can you help with that?

Whew, this is a power question! As someone who spent 10+ years behind a computer in an office setting while also trying to teach 5 weekly classes, and freelance ... I know firsthand how the nervous system can be dysregulated which essentially means you are out of homeostasis/harmony and are caught in some form of Sympathetic Nervous System response (like hyper-arousal, functional freeze, etc.)

Because so much of my journey has been about healing trauma and helping my system return to balance, I've become obsessed with concepts like PolyVagal Theory and Somatics. As a result, all of my classes are designed to support you in feeling regulated and empowered to face anything. They help you slow down (yes, even the morning Solar Flow class is meant to help you slowly wake your system up rather than shocking it), and tap into deep pockets of energy being stored in your body (as discussed by Dr. Candice Pert & Dr. Peter Levine).

I love learning the science behind the practices. It helps me better understand the effects of the tools I offer and to know when to use what.

I share a lot of this kind of information in my Musings from Megan emails. It's a great place to start to get to know me if we're just meeting for the first time.

Let's get to know each other better.

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My Yoga Story

Hello Vibrant Being!

Welcome and thank you for being here! 

A little about me

I have been a practitioner of yoga for over 20 years. I began in college seeking a way to support my insomniac tendencies (total night owl!). I had been an athlete (if I dare say so) all my life playing soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball (for one season), and track. I knew my body craved some movement but I wasn't interested in continuing with sports.

I had heard about yoga randomly from someone from my church the year before. I read studies that suggested yoga was good for insomnia, so I checked it out. My university offered the only class in town and it was at 7:00 in the morning. Yep, way too early for this night owl since that was about the time I was falling asleep! I did try to go to the class, and while the time didn't work for me, I knew instantly that there was something to this yoga thing.

So, I went to Target, picked up a mat and a VHS tape (yep, that's right! VHS with Rodney Yee!) and tried it! Almost immediately, I experienced the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits of yoga. It became a passionate medicine practice that has saved me countless of times as my mat became a sanctuary for me to express, explore, and exist. 

It was never my intention to become a teacher, but I took 200hr Teacher Training through Core Power Yoga when I was going through a breakup. I needed something to focus on and a way to deepen my own practice, explore my own inner terrain, and to heal wounds that were festering within. It changed my life and opened me to a whole new layer of understanding of not only my physical body, but also of my vibrational/energetic bodies.

I didn't teach right away, again, it was never my intention. But after returning to the mat and experiencing such bliss after an injury kept me from my practice, I asked the Universe to bring more yoga into my life. A friend at the time saw a posting for a substitute teacher and poked and prodded at me until I applied ... and within a couple of weeks I was offered that class and in fact another one at a different studio. 

I have been teaching for over 15 years and have continued my training through a variety of workshops, over 1000 hours of trainings, discovering through my own practice on the mat, and anything I could get my hands on while living the corporate life and working a 9-5. I have trained and taught in Vinyasa, Yin, VinYin, Nidra, and Restorative styles. 

Sacred Yoga & Sound is a place of all my passions. I have picked up a variety of tools while on my Spiritual Journey that have helped me navigate the terrain of life. And I know they have saved my life at times, transformed them in others, bitch slapped me as a reminder, and then held me in the sweetness of their space. I want to share as much as possible just in case something I know can help someone else, as I was helped.

With gratitude,


My Vibrational Journey


I began my chanting practice as a way to heal my Vishuddha chakra and to learn to use my voice through the sacred practice of Mantra. Soon after, a mind-blowing Gong Bath sent my Beloved and I on a vibrational path and we began offering sound healings in 2015. Awed by what I witnessed in these ceremonies, I felt compelled to learn more about the psychedelic qualities and wondrous healing abilities of sound.

Since then, I have become certified in Sound Healing and Sonopuncture as well as have begun vocal lessons to reconnect with my Soul Voice. I love learning the power of self-made sounds and offer these not only in my public classes but also in private sessions. Chakra tunings are also one of my favorite meditation offerings where I use tuning forks to help harmonize your energetic bodies.

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