Befriending Your Emotions

7-week course

Radiant Being,

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your emotions?

Do you fear your emotions?

Were you shamed for your emotions and now have deep wounding around expressing your feelings?

Do you repress, ignore, or deny your emotions, holding them in (your body)?

Do you sometimes feel "bat shit crazy" or "an emotional wreck" or a "ticking time bomb" or "out of control"?

Do you want to feel centered and empowered to navigate the emotional ebbs & flows of life?


It's time to shift the relationship you have with your emotions. It's time to heal!

Introducing ...

Befriending Your Emotions course

7 weeks.
7 live calls.
A small, sacred, safe space.
Deep healing work.


I know feeling our emotions fully can be's time you feel empowered and able to face the more difficult emotions and step into your most wise, centered, and powerful self.


In this course, you will feel your emotions, learn from them, and release their frequency and the old vibrational patterns they have created within you.


You will rediscover yourself and tap into the truth of you really are.


You will reclaim the powerful gifts and lessons that emotions are here to teach us.


It's time to step into the most liberated version of you.

Say no more ... I'm in!

Befriend Your Emotions

So many of us are taught to ignore, avoid, or repress our more "difficult" emotions. We aren't taught the tools we need to manage them and yet they are highly influential in our lives. This results in emotions getting stuck in our bodies, our nervous system becoming stressed and unbalanced, and our lives become a whirlwind of emotional ups and downs. 

This course is for you if ...

You're ready to dive deep into difficult emotions.

If you're ready to tap into the wisdom of your emotions.

If you're ready to raise your vibrations and feel ready to face life.

You desire a deeper connection with your emotional bodies.

You want to learn breathwork techniques to help you tone your nervous system.

You sense that your emotions are limiting you & you're ready to break free of their blockages.

You want to feel centered.

You want to gain sovereignty in your life.


If any of these sound like you, you're a perfect fit for this course!


Early Bird Pricing thru Oct. 16: 25% off (Save $105)
Enroll: $420
3 Payments of $145


Our emotions teach us about ourselves. This course will help you tune into the lessons your emotions have to offer, reflect on the patterns they reveal, and empower you to embrace your feelings as friends.


Emotions can be overwhelming and cause dissonance in your nervous system that ripples out into life. These practices will help you to center yourself and enable you to respond vs react to your emotions.


Feel the emotions in your body, learn how to recognize them and allow the emotions to flow through you. Use these practices to help your body complete emotional cycles in intentional and productive ways.

"Wow. I felt so heavy and my throat was so tight when feeling into the emotion of grief. And then, during the practice I felt light enter my body. It was so amazing! I am so grateful for how much these practices have transformed my ability to not only connect with my emotions, but understand them on a deeper level and use them to help me make shifts in my life. Thank you, Megan!"

Tara S.

Befriend Your Emotions

Emotions are a doorway into deeper wisdom and profound healing. Understanding the emotional cycle will help you to awaken to their power. Engage your feelings with a Daily Practice and lean into them during a Yin flow uniquely designed for each emotion. Learn from them, allow them to be fully processed, released, and shift into higher vibrational patterns.

The fields I draw on—Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sound Healing, Biology, and Neuroscience—have been around for decades to centuries. What I offer is a synthesis of this knowledge, developed into practices to support your emotional wellbeing.

Enroll Today

Enroll Today


This is great if you ...

  • Want to learn about emotions from a yogic, sound healing, neurological, biological, psychological, and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.
  • Are a highly sensitive person/empath.
  • Are burned out and triggered easily.
  • Desire to develop a deeper relationship with yourself and your emotions.
  • Are focused on healing.
  • Crave tools to help you respond vs react to situations life throws at you.
  • Feel strongly connected to one or more of these emotions and want to learn how to tame.
  • Aspire to tone your nervous system to enable you to more quickly return to a calm, centered state.
Early Bird Pricing! $315

Engage with your emotions.

This is a self-led, watch & practice when it aligns for you, 7-week course designed to empower you to engage and befriend the emotions of Anger, Anxiety, Grief, Worry, and Fear through Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin Yoga, and a Daily Practice rooted in Yoga & Sound Healing.

We begin with an introduction week to set expectations and help you prepare for the work in this course. And then each week following will focus on a specific emotion. You will receive:

  • An introduction video with info about the emotion and the practice.
  • A daily practice to help you connect with and complete emotional cycles.
  • A yin yoga practice to activate meridian lines associated with the emotions to help you tune into their vibration and create shifts in your energetic fields.
  • A guided embodiment experience to connect with the emotion.

The final week is an integrative week inclusive of balancing practices.

We gather together weekly to answer questions about the practices, discuss what's coming up, and to support each other in this hard and deep work.

Access to the welcome videos begins on Oct. 31, 2021 and our first live gathering is scheduled for the evening of Nov. 3, 2021.

The Befriending Your Emotions course includes 7 weekly live calls.

Call Schedule:

Call 1: November 3rd at 6:30pm MST

Call 2: November 10th at 6:30pm MST

Call 3: November 17th at 6:30pm MST

Call 4: November 22nd at 6:30pm MST

Call 5: December 1st at 6:30pm MST

Call 6: December 8th at 6:30pm MST

Call 7: December 15th at 6:30pm MST

All calls will be recorded and the replays provided.

Each week, we will join for 1 live call held on Zoom. We will answer questions about the practices, discuss what's coming up for you, and help you get the support you need.

Weekly Flow & Modules


Week 1

Prep and Intro

Take some time to prepare. This is deep work and we'll begin with some "Pre-work" to help set you up for success. 

Week 2


Anger is an intense feeling. We'll feel the heat of this emotion as we look to the lessons that are fueling its rage.

Week 3


Panic is flighty and can leave us feeling ungrounded. But what's causing this surge of chaotic energy?

Week 4


Grief may be the heaviest of emotions. We'll work through what's weighing us down and release some of the sadness. 

Week 5


Fear creates the most amount of blockages. Let's breath through those limitations into liberation.

Week 6


Worry slows us down and creates inner quandary and disconnection from ourselves. Worry is wasted imagination.

Week 7


Let's integrate and balance the work we just did in the past 6 weeks and continue this work in the future.

Imagine yourself on the other side.

You embody your most centered self.

You discovered your inner  power and feel confident.

You understand the wisdom of your emotions.

You have the skillset to productively and positively navigate difficult emotions.

You feel liberated and free.

You gained sovereignty and feel confident in your ability to navigate life.

You show up more centered, stronger, wiser, and loving for yourself and those around you.

You are no longer at war with your emotional body. You feel connected and believe in yourself more than ever before.

I'm Ready