Complete Chakra Reading

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself or out of balance?

A Chakra Reading is a powerful tool to help connect with your inner self and focus on balancing the 7 Chakras in your body. With this reading, you’ll be able to uncover what areas of life require attention right now and which Chakra needs healing or tuning up. This can lead to insights that may have been hidden from conscious awareness.

  • Refine your energy - With the chakra reading, you can access the energy of your aura and gain an understanding of how it's influencing your life. Get insights into imbalances and misalignments that are bringing disharmony into your journey.
  • Enhanced self-awareness - Enhance your self-awareness and gain clarity on personal issues. Uncover deeper meaning in life experiences so that you can move forward with an open heart and enlightened mind.

  • Balanced energy - Connect to the power of your natural wisdom and find balance within yourself. Release pent up energy from blocked pathways, restoring harmony between your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

  • Expansion & transformation - Transform yourself with true inner work in a safe and effective way. Unleash untapped potential for growth while connecting to higher realm wisdom to expand consciousness beyond what is seen with the physical eye.

Through this reading, you will find clarity about what is really going on within your inner world at any given moment, allowing for positive transformation in many aspects of life such as relationships, career choices and personal growth. The process could lift obstructive energy blocks giving access to deeper states of tranquility and satisfaction with life’s experiences.

How it works: After you request a reading, I'll drop into meditation, call in your guides, and will read the cards based on a 7-card chakra reading. I'll email you an image of the cards and a voice note with the reading.

$33.00 USD or more