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Awake & Activate: Curiosity Healed the Human


Were you always told that Curiosity killed the Cat? 

Curiosity has a negative connotation in our culture. It includes a questioning of our reality that wasn't/isn't condoned. But that's an outdated perspective on curiosity.

Curiosity can be quite healing and awakening!

If you've been feeling judgmental, sensitive, uneasy, unbalanced, or wondering why the emotions you are experiencing are showing up, taking a curious approach may change your perspective and expand your awareness!


This course guides you into an exploration of your curiosity through:

  • Dismantling the negative connotation of curiosity.
  • Identifying your mental/emotional blocks and their origins.
  • Activating the chakra energy related to curiosity.
  • Getting into your body to help you physically release judgements and embody curiosity.
  • Translating 5D work into 3D reality—meaning—you'll align your energetic fields (emotions and thoughts) with the actions you take in life.
  • Aligning with frequencies that encourage curiosity including: playfulness, questioning, and non-attachment.
  • Connecting with your inner child.

This course begins May 29, no entries will be allowed after.


  1. An on-demand, guided solar movement/breathwork practice for waking up.
  2. An on-demand, guided lunar practice for slowing down.
  3. An on-demand, activating Vinyasa Flow to ignite your energy.
  4. An on-demand, yin practice to work thru challenging emotions, low vibrational mental patterns, and discomfort.
  5. An on-demand, breathwork practice to support your nervous system.
  6. An on-demand chakra meditation
  7. A live, virtual new moon ceremony to help you connect with your intention around curiosity (replay available).
  8. A live, virtual full moon ceremony to help you release judgments (replay available).
  9. 2 live, virtual Medicine Yin community classes
  10. 2 live, virtual Vinyasa flow community classes
  11. An additional gathering (equinox, solstice, and/or Tea & Tarot)
  12. Support from a variety of schools of thinking including yogic philosophy and scientific research.
  13. Weekly Svadhyaya videos on curiosity to help you understand key principles in cultivating high frequency living.


On May 29th you will be granted access to all of the practice videos. You will receive weekly emails with instructional videos discussing concepts and their life application. Links to the new and full moon ceremonies will be provided. Access ends June 27th.


This course will help you move beyond limitations to connect with your innate power. You deserve to live a life you love, but it can be intimidating to make the changes you need. Free yourself from limiting beliefs and commit to living the life you want. Get tenacious and create habits and patterns that empower you.




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