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Earth-Based Vibrational Wisdom Woven into Movement, Pranayama, and Meditation

Use your yoga practice to tune into nature’s cycles inside and outside of your body and sync your inner rhythms with the Earths.

A Full Cycle of Practice

Flow with the Earth

Seasonal practices are a beautiful way to work intentionally with Earth’s wisdom and embody natural cycles. They help you to see how the energy of the world around you is also within you and provides tools to engage with these vibrations. This alignment helps to create a harmonious resonance within you. I have found that this often helps elevate our awareness and enables us to explore higher realms of consciousness.

"...our needs change on an annual, seasonal, and even daily basis, as the cyclical rhythms of the earth affect the biorhythms of our bodies, making self-knowledge extremely vital to our physical and emotional well-being."

-Sahara Rose; Eat Feel Fresh

Seasonal Practices

In this self-paced online course I offer you ways to explore your connection with the earth through your Yoga practice. I created this course to guide you in developing your personal practice and nurturing your own self care as we move through the seasons. Returning to these classes throughout the season will allow you to build familiarity that intensifies your experience as you are able to explore diverse layers of yourself and the practice.

You are welcome to choose a single season or enter a Full Cycle of seasonal discovery within yourself. You can return to any of these practices as you are called to honor the energies that arise within you, any time of the year.

Live (Zoom) Spring YinVin: May 15, 2021; 11-12:30pm MST

Summer course begins on the Summer Solstice: June 21, 2021

Fall course begins on the Autumnal Equinox: September 21, 2021

Winter course begins on the Winter Solstice: December 21, 2021


Each Season Receive


Over 5 hours of content

❁ Seasonal Energies video lesson

❁ Balancing & Shadow Work video lesson

❁ Seasonal Embodiment Practice

❁ 2 Seasonal Full-length Vinyasa Practices

❁ 1 Seasonal Full-length Yin Practices

❁ 1 Guided Yoga Nidra

❁ 1 Pranayama Practice

❁ Supplemental workbook

❁  90-minute live (Zoom) community practice

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Cyclical Being

Growing up and living in Colorado meant that I also grew up with the four seasons. My school and extracurricular activities cycled with them and from an early age I developed a rhythm aligned with the earth. In college, I turned toward Earth-based practices, exploring Paganism, Witchcraft, Pantheism, and developing a deeper connection with Gaia. I was introduced to yoga and Carlos Castenada. When I became a yoga teacher and started theming yoga classes, seasonal energies wove themselves into my practice, expanding my awareness of how we connect with the earth and how we inwardly experience the same seasons we experience outwardly. 

In the 10+ years I have been teaching classes, seasonal energies remain a theme. In this moment, we are here on this earth, as Earthlings, experiencing this reality through these earth suits, having an earthly experience. We are enveloped and influenced by the cycles of the Earth and engaging with these energies, reflecting upon their wisdom, and using these insights to transform our own lives can be a powerful practice.  Aligning with the energies of the seasons invites you into a deeper relationship with yourself and with the earth as well as provides insights into navigating this experience. The practices offered in this course encourage you to tune into the energy around you and work with those energies within yourself. They empower you to tune into your subtle bodies and work with your vibrations to raise your frequency. This work creates a harmony within you that encourages you to transcend into higher planes of consciousness.

Begin Your Seasonal Attunement now.

Develop a deeper relationship with yourself and the earth through your Yoga practice. Embody seasonal energies.